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Welcome to NoWorriesBiology!

Just look around you. Biology is everywhere. From those plants and animals in the park around the corner to bacteria that produce your yogurt for you. From creatures containing anti-freeze substances in the Arctic to organisms living in hydrothermal vents on the bottom of the ocean.

But how did all these living beings originate? How do they function? How do they influence each other and their environment, and how are they influenced by their environment? These and many other questions are the subject of biology. 

There is hardly another scientific area which is as diverse and multifaceted as biology. The number of interesting biological questions to ask and the scope of fascinating biological topics to explore is virtually unlimited.

Our website www.noworriesbiology.com not only provides information on a wide and constantly growing range of biological topics, but it also features educational materials for students and educators in middle and high school

Loads of materials are free and can be used for private studies or as lesson materials in their unaltered form. 

Some more elaborate materials as well as the solutions to all tasks and exercises can be purchased for a small fee in our Online Shop.