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More Materials for Language Support (CLIL)


Here you can find an overview on our language support materials on other topics of biology (mainly Middle School). All of the materials introduced here are available in our Online Shop.

Let us know if there is anything you would be interested in that isn't available yet.


What is CLIL?


Tips on Creating Vocabulary Lists


How to write coherent and easily comprehensible texts?


Activities With Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary cards offer a multitude of options on how to practice subject-related vocabulary during and out of regular lessons.

We offer a manual which gives descriptions of how to conduct certain activities with vocabulary cards, recommendations for social settings for each activity and guidelines for the amount of time each activity requires.

The complete set of 14 activities for vocabulary training using vocabulary cards is available as a PDF in our Online Shop

(CLIL - Activities With Vocabulary Cards).


Irregular Verbs

Support your students by providing them with a handy table of English irregular verbs. To options are available: 

Irregular Verbs Sorted Alphabetically


Irregular Verbs Sorted by Sound Pattern


To download the tables as PDFs, simply click the buttons on the right.


Introduction to Biology


On the topic of "Introduction to Biology", we offer a list of 17 vocabulary words as well as a set of 17 matching vocabulary cards for activities in our Online Shop.

(CLIL - Vocabulary - Introduction to Biology, 

CLIL - Vocabulary Cards - Introduction to Biology)


More Topics


Choose the topic for which you would like to explore available language support materials by clicking the respective button below.


Inspirational Quotes as Motivational Support for Language Learners