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Ecology: More Exercises on Ecology


This page is structured in the same manner as the category Ecology. It provides more exercises and additional materials which have been withheld from the regular subcategories for clarity and conciseness.


More Exercises on the Introduction to Ecology


If you want to gather information about the biomes of the Earth, this work sheet can help you.

Click on the respective button to download the worksheet and the solution or to go to a great source of information on this topic provided by the University of California Berkeley.


The worksheet on the left focusses on the levels of organization of living organisms which are often referred to in Ecology.

It visualizes and summarizes the order in which these levels of organization stand to each other.

Click the buttons to download the worksheet and/or the solution.


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More Exercises on Abiotic Environmental Factors


More Exercises on Biotic Environmental Factors


More Exercises on Trophic Levels


More Exercises on the Development of Populations


More Exercises on Cycles of Matter


More Exercises on Changes in Ecosystems


More Exercises on Humans and the Environment