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Ecology: Introduction


To get attuned with ecology, the video on the right offers a virtual field trip into Biosphere 2.

The worksheet “Ecology – Biosphere 2” accompanies the video and puts the knowledge won on the field trip into biological context.

The solutions for this work sheet are available in our Online Shop.

(Ecology - Biosphere 2 - Solution)


The interactive PowerPoint Show “Basic Concepts and Terminology in Ecology” is intended for students of higher classes that have already talked about ecology in previous school years. With this presentation, they can quickly and easily refresh their knowledge.

Besides basic terminology, the document offers information on the most important abiotic and biotic environmental factors.

The interactivity of this PowerPoint Show” allows the reader to navigate through the presentation by choosing which aspects he or she wants to know more about.

It is available in our Online Shop.

(Ecology – Basic Concepts and Terminology in Ecology)

This PowerPoint Show is accompanied by the worksheet "Basic Concepts in Ecology" which can be downloaded here. 

The solutions for this worksheet are available in our Online Shop.

(Ecology - Basic Concepts in Ecology - Solution)


NoWorriesBiology has also created a Kahoot on this topic. Just search for NoWorriesBiology or "Introduction to Ecology" at www.kahoot.com or www.kahoot.it.

Have fun!


Structure of Ecosystems

Lake Ecosystems

The worksheet "Structure of a Lake Ecosystem" investigates the structure of a lake biotope as well as the vegetation zones typically found in a lake ecosystem.

It also contains exercises for practicing this knowledge.

This worksheet can be found in our Online Shop.

(Ecology - Structure of a Lake Ecosystem;

Ecology, Structure of a Lake Ecosystem - Solution)

Grassland Ecosystems




Desert Ecosystems



Forest Ecosystems




More materials and exercises can be found on the page "More Exercises on Ecology".