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Cells: Interesting Facts on Cells


Stem Cells

When listening to the news or even watching movies, one can hear the term "stem cells" being used quite often.

Therefore, to be an informed citizen, it is helpful to have some background knowledge of what this term actually means.

The following worksheet helps you gain insight into this topic. It also focuses on practicing reading comprehension and the ability to summarize information.

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(Cells - Stem Cells - Solution)


Foliation of a Red Maple

Every year in spring, we are able to witness a fascinating spectacle in nature. Within just a few days,   leafless, bare trees transform into lush and green organisms.

The following slideshow shows stages of the leaf development on a Red Maple. 

This leads to the question how the trees manage to produce such an enormous volume of foliage in such a short amount of time.

What do you think?

Watch the following video to find out:


The worksheet "Growth in Plant Cells" summarizes the most important aspects of the video. Click the respective button to download the worksheet and/or the solution.