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Cells: Discovery of Cells


Less than 400 years ago, the existence of cells was unknown to humans. Their discovery and their subsequent examination were closely linked to the development of new optical tools and imaging techniques. 

Over the past four centuries and in particular over the past 100 years, incredible progress was achieved in the field of cell biology. So, do we know everything about cells now? By no means. There are still many processes we don’t fully understand. But advancements are being made constantly. Just consider stem cell research as one prominent example. 


It is worthwhile looking into the historic steps taken to advance our understanding of cells, and how they are connected to the development of different kinds of microscopes. 

The interactive PowerPoint Show “History of Cell Biology. Early Microscopes, Discovery of Cells, Development of the Cell Theory and More” offers information about major events and discoveries in the field of cell biology. It allows the reader to navigate through the presentation by choosing which aspects one wants to know more about.

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The worksheet "Summary: History of Cell Biology" accompanies the PowerPoint Show "History of Cell Biology". To download it, simply press the button on the left.

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