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Genetics: Competencies


The complexity of biology isn’t very well-suited for being partitioned into different topics. Many aspects can either be attributed to one topic or another. Nevertheless, there are a number of goals that are typically pursued within certain topics in biology lessons. What these goals are, gets influenced by many factors. Among these are the grade level of the students, the country, state, school, type of course, and to some level even the teacher.

To be able to learn successfully, it is imperative to understand what one is expected to know or be able to do. The following compilation shows expectations and competencies that can be aimed for within the topic of genetics. It can help you to better understand what the main focuses of your biology lessons are, and what might subsequently be expected from you.

You can also use this table as a template when asking your teacher which aspects you should focus on most intensely.

This table of competencies on genetics can also be found as a WORD document in our Online Shop. 

(Competencies - Genetics)