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Cells: Cell Cycle


On this page, we mainly focus on the cellular aspects of cell division. The genetic elements of the cell cycle are looked into on the page "Cell Cycle and DNA Replication". The button on the right makes it convenient for you to switch to that page. 


The video "Cell Division" discusses why, when, and how cells divide. The process of mitosis gets mentioned, but not looked into in any detail. 

(Information on mitosis is located in the Genetics section under the headline "Cell Cycle and DNA Replication".

This video may be helpful when working on the tasks provided in the worksheet "Cell Cycle". But the worksheet reaches beyond the content of the video.

To download the worksheet merely press the following button.


Solutions for this worksheet are available in our Online Shop

(Cells - Cell Cycle - Solution)


How fast do cells divide? And how do specific factors influence this process? The virtual lab “Reproduction Rate of Single-Celled Organisms” is tailored to investigate these questions. It also trains your data collection and data evaluation skills. It offers microscopic photographs of yeast culture samples which have been grown under different circumstances and for varying lengths of time. It is your task to count the cells present in the sample, visualize your data, and interpret your results.

Under certain conditions, there are simply too many yeast cells to count. The sample needs to be diluted. You will have to carefully choose the dilution factor you want to work with in order to balance the feasibility of your data-collection and the reliability of your results.


The PowerPoint Show containing this lab (preview available above) is available in our Online Shop. 

(Cells - Virtual Lab - Reproduction Rate of Single-Celled Organisms)

The worksheet “Virtual Lab - Reproduction Rate of Single-Celled Organisms - Worksheet incl Solution" contains a guide through the data collection and evaluation process. It includes solutions and is also available in our Online Shop. 

(Cells - Virtual Lab - Reproduction Rate - Worksheet incl Solution)