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Ecology - Complex Exercise - Animals and Plants in the City


The complex exercise “Animals and Plants in the City” investigates abiotic and biotic factors in urban areas as an application of the students’ knowledge in ecology.

It is tailored to require 35 to 40 min of work and strengthens the following competencies:


- I can verbally present an object/process adhering to spatial/temporal criteria of order ( describe).

- I can reproduce acquired knowledge in a structured, coherent, selective way in a manner suitable to the audience.

- I can form justified hypotheses on scientific questions.

- I can explain the terms food chain, food web, trophic level, and ecological pyramid.

- I can name the trophic levels present in an ecosystem, and I can explain their interactions and interdependencies.

- I can describe what is meant with the term biodiversity, and I can explain how specific examples of human influences impact biodiversity.

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