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Ecology - Complex Exercise - Ecological Impact of Hurricanes


This complex exercise investigates the ecological impact hurricanes have when making landfall. The students get encouraged to apply their general knowledge of ecology, which they acquired in their lessons, to this new and unfamiliar topic.

The exercise is tailored to require 90 min of work when done in "one sitting" and in writing.

The document includes the solutions and references to the following competencies:


- reading comprehension

- I can make (a) fact(s) or circumstance(s) clear by describing the involved elements and pointing out causal correlations between them ( explain).

- I can draw conclusions based on known facts and/or data in order to answer a biological question ( deduce).

- I can trace back a circumstance to a rule, biological law or causal correlation ( give reasons).

- I can describe cause-and-effect-relationships in a structured and coherent manner.

- I can form justified hypotheses on scientific questions.

- I can describe graphs formally.

- I can describe the data depicted in a graph.

- I can analyze and interpret the data depicted in a graph.

- I can evaluate the significance of data in regard to a scientific question.

- I can analyze models of biological phenomena, and I can evaluate them with regard to their representative power.

- I can name the trophic levels present in an ecosystem, and I can explain their interactions and interdependencies. I can deduce the consequences of disturbances in such feeding relationships.

- I can state the Lotka-Volterra equations.

- Using the Lotka-Volterra equations, I can deduce and describe the development of populations in a predator-prey relationship, and I can present this development in a graph.

- I can evaluate the validity of the Lotka-Volterra equations in actual (real-life) biological systems.

- I can describe the sequence of aspects and succession in an ecosystem.

- I can discuss short-term and long-term changes within ecosystems.

- For specific examples of human influences on ecosystems, I can deduce measures to protect the environment.

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