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Genetics - Complex Exercise - Covid-19


The complex exercise “Covid-19” encourages students to apply their knowledge of genetics for gaining a better understanding of the challenges of our time. The exercise explores what causes Covid-19, how our body reacts to an infection, and how an infection can be diagnosed.

The complex exercise is tailored to require 90 minutes of work time.

Proposed solutions and references to the following competencies are included:


- I can describe the molecular structure of RNA.

- I can name and describe different types of mutations, and I can compare them with regard to the extent of their impact on an organism.

- I can describe the main steps of protein synthesis.

- When given a codon wheel, I can deduce the amino acid sequence a fragment of RNA codes for.

- I can name and describe procedures and techniques of biotechnology and gene technology (PCR), and I can illustrate their application.


General Competencies:

- I can verbally present an object/process adhering to spatial/temporal criteria of order ( describe).

- I can make (a) fact(s) or circumstance(s) clear by describing the involved elements and pointing out causal correlations between them ( explain).

- I can trace back a circumstance to a rule, biological law or causal correlation ( give reasons).

- I can form justified hypotheses on scientific questions.


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