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Metabolism - Complex Exercise - Enzymes and Penicillin


This document contains a complex exercise. It focuses on the effect penicillin has on bacterial enzymes as an application of typical high school biology knowledge on enzyme.

The exercise is tailored to require about 55 min of work when done in "one sitting" and in writing.

It includes the solutions and references to the following competencies:


- I can draw logical conclusions based on known facts to answer a biological question.

- I can trace back a circumstance to a rule, biological law or causal correlation.

- I can form justifies hypotheses on scientific questions.

- I can describe diagrams formally.

- I can describe the data depicted in a diagram.

- I can analyze and interpret the data depicted in a diagram.

- I can depict given or collected data to identify correlations and/or patterns.


- I can describe the structure of enzymes.

- I can describe the course of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, and I can explain the influence enzymes have on substrates involved in these reactions.

- I can explain the influence enzymes have on the activation energy required by chemical reactions.

- I can list factors that influence an enzyme’s activity, and I can explain how these factors influence an enzyme and its activity.

- I can name, explain, and compare different types of enzyme inhibition.


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