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Welcome to NoWorriesBiology!


This website is devoted to the subject of biology. It is addressed to students and teachers in high school.

Whether you are looking for videos explaining certain topics, worksheets, exercises, virtual labs – there’s something for everybody interested in biology.

NoWorriesBiology stands for modern, digital lesson materials which support differentiated, student-centered learning, and which are aligned with the Deutsche Internationale Abiturprüfung (DIA).

Beyond imparting science aspects, NoWorriesBiology aims at fostering language acquisition (CLIL, DFU). 

As all documents are available in English and German, NoWorriesBiology is well-suited to support bilingual classes

A large variety of materials for language support are available to assist students with non-native language backgrounds.


And here is how it works:

Links to other pages within NoWorriesBiology are marked with green buttons - like the ones on the left .


Yellow buttons indicate materials which can be downloaded immediately and for free. They can be used privately or as lesson materials in their unaltered form.


Links to external, helpful websites are recognizable as lilac buttons.

More elaborate materials as well as solutions for most worksheets and exercises get introduced where they are relevant. They can be purchased in our Online Shop.


Most WORD documents (DOCX) contain editable form elements. Given the appropriate software, they can be filled in directly on a computer. If the worksheets are intended for printing, then PDF is the most convenient file format option.

Virtual labs come as PowerPoint shows and require suitable Office software in order to work properly.


Have fun exploring NoWorriesBiology and enjoy learning!